Sunday, 20 February 2011

First Entry!!! - 2

Ok so I wasn't aware that the word limit on the previous blog was so short, so I'll try and wrap up my first post. Those who have read the first post along with this, I salute you.

Aside from writing, one of my favourite pastimes is music. I love to play bass whether it's by myself or jamming with others. I was in the Hampshire based band Pretty Visitors for two years, but due to university commitments amongst others, I unfortunately had to leave that project. We released an EP and supported high profile bands such as the Quails, Sion, Video Nasties and Japanese Voyeurs amongst others. Along with those we have had headline gigs at Hamptons, Joiners in Southampton, Champions in Bournemouth and a sell out gig at the Railway. After completing my degree and settling down in a job, I hope to start another musical project.

One of my biggest hobbies would have to be the gym. I love everything about the gym - the anticipation of a workout, constantly striving for improvement and watching your body change. The discipline of the bodybuilding lifestyle helps to deal with many of life's issues; a fundamental work being that hard work pays off. A couple of powerlifters in my gym are trying to get me to compete in powerlifting, but as of yet, I haven't thought about it.

So that's me. I could list favourite music and films, but that could take a while. In my next blog, I'm going to talk more about myself as a writer, influences and my current project/s. In the near future I will post up a sample of my work, but I'll wait for my confidence to increase.

Thanks for reading, I'm all blogged out.

First Entry!!!

Well this is scary, I'm actually adding to the internet with a chronicle of my writing. If anyone cares, that's another matter. I've always had the stereotypical view of a loner sitting in their room or basement tapping away at the keyboard about their day or their interests. Thanks to the eye opening preachings of a certain lecturer who I will refer to as 'Mr X', my views of the humble blog have mildly changed. So to not upset 'Mr X' and give the process of blogging a chance, I will join the league of bloggers around the world. So here goes (writing alone in a basement eagerly awaiting followers optional).

As this is my first entry, I'm going to ease into it so let us divulge into my hobbies and interests. Naturally as this is a 'creative writing' blog, one of my interests would be writing. I would love to say that I spend all my spare time crafting and honing my skills, inching closer to my masterpiece that will change the world, but I would be lying. To be honest if a handful of people say they have enjoyed one of my pieces, I would be satisfied. I know I'm not alone in stating that I am fearful of people reading my work. I understand that criticism is necessary, but when I write a story it's like a child to me - it craves my attention, it demands my time and I help it become what I want it to be. It's similar to me looking at your child and listing their faults... kind of. To make a point simple, I can take it to heart but I've got to learn to take the knocks and turn them into something positive. So please don't be shy about criticising my work; after a sulk and a cry, I'll take the feedback and make amendments if necessary.