Sunday, 20 February 2011

First Entry!!!

Well this is scary, I'm actually adding to the internet with a chronicle of my writing. If anyone cares, that's another matter. I've always had the stereotypical view of a loner sitting in their room or basement tapping away at the keyboard about their day or their interests. Thanks to the eye opening preachings of a certain lecturer who I will refer to as 'Mr X', my views of the humble blog have mildly changed. So to not upset 'Mr X' and give the process of blogging a chance, I will join the league of bloggers around the world. So here goes (writing alone in a basement eagerly awaiting followers optional).

As this is my first entry, I'm going to ease into it so let us divulge into my hobbies and interests. Naturally as this is a 'creative writing' blog, one of my interests would be writing. I would love to say that I spend all my spare time crafting and honing my skills, inching closer to my masterpiece that will change the world, but I would be lying. To be honest if a handful of people say they have enjoyed one of my pieces, I would be satisfied. I know I'm not alone in stating that I am fearful of people reading my work. I understand that criticism is necessary, but when I write a story it's like a child to me - it craves my attention, it demands my time and I help it become what I want it to be. It's similar to me looking at your child and listing their faults... kind of. To make a point simple, I can take it to heart but I've got to learn to take the knocks and turn them into something positive. So please don't be shy about criticising my work; after a sulk and a cry, I'll take the feedback and make amendments if necessary.

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